"Lean your body forward
slightly to support the
guitar against your chest,
for the poetry
of the music
should resound in your heart."
Andres Segovia


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Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY youth and adults: learn to play guitar and/or improve your skills or techniques!!

It's September. For many, that means getting back into a more structured routine. For summer vacationers it means resuming guitar lessons. For those beginning guitar anew, this is the month in which I create my schedule for the coming academic year.

If you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist, this could be the September you get out of your slump and kick your playing up a notch.

I have decades of experience instructing beginners through advanced players as well as audition preparation. Don't get shut out of learning to play guitar from an effective instructor. My students are youth, adults and gifted children who are musically inclined. Don't miss this opportunity to learn to play guitar from a highly experienced, effective instructor. My schedule will fill quickly.

Read the links on this web site to learn how to find a competent guitar teacher, learn what you should look for and expect. Contact me if you think I might be the instructor you're looking for.

If you are interested in learning to play the guitar correctly the first time, please call today. I'll explain my time tested, original method that is an all-encompassing approach to the guitar.

If you are interested in guitar lessons for a child, please read the Kids & Guitars link.


551 • 900 • 1414



I developed this site and my original and effective approach to teaching guitar as a result of being NY metro area professional guitarist with decades of experience training people who "play the guitar” to become “musicians whose instrument is the guitar."

Don't let the words "Technique" or "Tutor" scare you.

(The domain names I wanted were all taken so GuitarTechniqueTutor.Com was the best I could do to suggest superior and effective guitar instruction.)

Real musicianship among guitarists is rare. The purpose of this web site is to offer beginner guitarists, the most comprehensive instruction available to them in the Bergen & Rockland County area and bring beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarists to the highest level of playing they can achieve.

If you want to really learn to play the guitar or are already a disciplined guitarist and want to revolutionize your technique, strength, endurance, understanding and your performance skills, this web site offers you the means to contact a competent instructor, who can help you play better by training you: to make your practice time its most effective, to prepare your music and yourself for auditions and other performances, to use correct form, to master guitar technique, to develop speed and endurance, fretboard knowledge, to understand musical scores and compositions and to approach ear training and sight reading so you get results.

GuitarTechniqueTutor.Com offers every guitarist advice in all aspects of the guitarist's development and if my schedule permits, private instruction in Airmont, Allendale, Cresskill, Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Haworth Hillburn, Ho-Ho-Kus, Midland Park, Montebello, Montvale, New Milford, Oakland, Oradell, Paramus, Park Ridge, the hamlet of Ramapo, Ridgewood, River Edge, Saddle River, Sloatsburg, Tallman, Teaneck, Upper Saddle River, Viola, Waldwick, Washington Township,Westwood, Woodcliff Lake, Wyckoff and their immediate surroundings.

The truth is, if you lack coordination and strengthand do not have broad knowledge and full understanding of what you’re doing with your guitar, you will not progress as a musician; instead, you will develop inconsistency and become complacent or frustrated with your state of musical stagnation.



The Guitar Technique Tutor Podcast was a weekly and then a twice monthly broadcast for my students and guitarists everywhere. Regular segments were: Intro, Student Spotlight, News, Question of the Week, Take Note, and Outro. After over 100 episodes, mypersonal schedule has caused me to suspend broadcasting at this time. The Guitar Technique Tutor Blog replaced the podcast and contains all show audio files and the show notes from the 2013 shows. New posts have been suspended recently, but there is plenty of content and all podcasts can be found on the blog.
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